Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Long time no see…They say what a difference a day makes…Imagine a year and two months. My last post was July 24, 2009 as a farewell to E.Lynn. It felt like more like a farewell to Dayne Avery. I’d lost my voice and felt I had nothing left to say. Tongue-tied and transfixed between what started as an online diary, to up close and personal. It started to become a little overwhelming. In my private life I am just that—private, very private. So, while it felt good to release any and everything on my mind the drawback was the fact that it could be read by anyone. Add that to the fact that I had someone in my personal life using my blog to “get to me” and…and…and…THEN THERE WAS SILENCE.

Well I finally feel like I have something to say. Holding it in isn’t good for me so I’ll try this thing once more. I’m not even sure if anyone is still out there listening. But I’ll do it for me and hope like the last time someone else get something from what I have to say.

Stay tuned…


At 8:22 AM, Blogger Cocoa Rican said...

Good to see ya' back. We've missed you.


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